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Australian Tax Scales 2019/20

The 2019/20 tax scales for Australia (released via the Attaché Members website in June 2019) are included in Attaché 19.2 (November 2019). These tax scales are compliant only with Attaché 19.1 or later. 

About the 2019/20 tax scales 

From 1 July 2019 the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) and Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) have been combined into the new Study and Training Support Loans category. (See Tax rates and codes on the ATO website.)

To accommodate this, and to incorporate other changes to the minimum thresholds and rates, the structure of tax tables in Attaché Payroll has changed. These changes are only available in Attaché 19. Therefore, if you did not upgrade to Attaché 19 prior to processing EOY, you must do so before installing 2019/20 tax scales and your first pay run for the new financial year.

Important note

If you have not upgraded to Attaché 19.1, do not continue. Payroll tax scales for 2019/20 are compliant only with Attaché 19.1. Contact your Attaché consultant for advice.  

Update SFSS setup in employee masterfiles

Before you import the 2019/20 tax tables:

If you have employees with HELP/TSL, you don't need to do anything. 

If you have employees with SFSS, before you import the new tax scales you will need to clear the SFSS - Student Financial Supplement Scheme check box and ensure the HELP/TSL - Higher Education/Trade Support check box is selected.

To update each employee with SFSS:

  1. Choose Payroll | Masterfiles | Employee Details | Maintain.
  2. On the Tax tab, clear the SFSS-Student Financial Supplement Scheme check box and select the HELP/TSL - Higher Education/Trade Support checkbox.
  3. Choose Accept (F9).

When you then import the new 2019/20 tax scales, the HELP/TSL - Higher Education/Trade Support check box on the Tax tab in the employee masterfile will be renamed to Study and Training Support Loans.

Downloading and importing the new tax scales

Remember, do not import the new tax scales into Attaché Payroll until after you have completed the last pay of the financial year and EOY processing.

To download the new tax scales: 

  1. Choose Setups | Payroll | Tax Scales | Download Tax Scales from Web. (If you cannot download via the menu, you can download them from the Attaché Members website.)
  2. When asked Do you wish to download new tax scales from the Attaché website? choose Yes.

The software automatically downloads the file to your program folder and displays a message when the download is complete.

To import the new tax scales:

  1. Choose Setups | Payroll | Options | Payroll Options and go to the Tax Details tab.
  2. Attaché recognises that new tax scales are available and displays a message asking if you want to import them. Choose Yes to import the new scales.
  3. To check that the tax scales have updated properly, choose the Tax Details tab again and check that the Effective for Payments Date field is set to 01/07/19

If you have more than one payroll company, sign on to each company and import the new tax scales.

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