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Reports containing ETP information

The following reports contain ETP information:

  • The PAYG Tax Reconciliation report prints ETP Printed (if applicable) under the Summary Status column. The Lump Sum column contains a similar message.
  • At the end of a run of normal payment summaries, Attaché Payroll reminds the operator to print ETP payment summaries. You can print an ETP payment summary for any employee who received ETP as part of their termination pay.

When you print the normal payment summary for an employee, Attaché Payroll updates the details of the ETP payment summary for transfer to the ATO. Therefore you need to print the normal payment summary for an employee before you print their ETP payment summary.

Printing ETP payment summaries prints two copies on separate A4 pages. Employees keep the designated copy for their own records and send the other copy with their tax return to the ATO. You do not need to keep a printed copy if you store the information on a backup.

Note: If any details on the payment summaries change after you print them, you must reprint both the normal and the ETP payment summaries.