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Setting up your desktop payroll company for Express Leave and Timesheets

Before you can use Express Leave and Timesheets you should check your setups in your desktop payroll company.

Setting up Payroll Options

To configure Payroll Options:

  1. In your desktop payroll company, choose Setups | Payroll | Options | Payroll Options.
  2. On the Options tab, select Import Disk File Entries Above Existing TimeSheet Lines.
  3. On the Other Options tab, set Allow multiple timesheets to No.
  4. Choose Accept (F9) to save the changes. 

Checking employee standard pays

If you use employee standard pays, we recommend that you review your standard pays prior to using Express Leave and Timesheets. See Employee Standard Pay Maintenance.

Note: If your employees are entitled to leave loading, check that the loading allowance has been added to the employee standard pay. Attaché recommends using allowance Type  A = Leave Loading (%) to automate the leave loading calculation. See Setting up an Allowance for Leave Loading.

If you have included an employee's normal hours on the employee standard pay, check that your leave income types are set to Reduce Normal Hours and Allow date entry. See Income Type Maintenance.

Note: If Allow date entry is not selected for a leave income type, the date leave was taken will not be displayed on the employee pay advice.

Checking employee masterfile details

Prior to importing employee details from your dekstop payroll company into Express Leave and Timesheets (see Setting up employees in Attaché Express Leave and Timesheets), check the relevant employee masterfile details. 

To check employee details:

  1. In your desktop payroll company, choose Masterfiles | Payroll | Employee Details | Maintain.
  2. On the Online Services tab, check that the employee's work email address has been entered in the Attaché Online Email Address field and the Enable Attaché Online check box has been ticked. 
  3. On the Leave tab, check that the Employee Hours per day are correct. 
    Note: Changing the Hours per day may affect existing leave calculations. Please take a backup before making any changes or talk to your Attaché consultant.
  4. Check that employee leave balances are correct.