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Attaché Server ODBC Installation and User Guide

This installation guide contains step-by-step instructions for installing Attaché Server ODBC. If you are not sure about any aspect of the installation process, particularly in a networked environment, please contact your Attaché consultant.

About ODBC

ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity and is a standard C programming language middleware API for accessing database management systems (DBMS). The Attaché database can be accessed using the Attaché Server ODBC drivers  (available from the Attaché Members website). The ODBC driver was created by FairCom Corporation who are the developers of the c-treeACE 10.0 client-server product which underpins Attaché.

In this section

REF: 271118  ODBC1042 18.1

Applicable version

  • Attaché Server ODBC version (February 2017)

Compatible with;

  • Attaché 19
  • Attaché 18
  • Attaché BI version 3.7 (November 2017)

See also Current Attaché releases

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