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Versioning and file-naming conventions

With the release of Attaché 18.1 (May 2018) we introduced a new numbering convention that aligns version numbers across all products. This will help to clarify product compatibility and make it easier to manage executable files.

Each version number indicates the year and that year's numbered suite. For example, 18.1 is the first suite of products released in 2018, 18.2 is the second release of 2018, and so on. The third number indicates a bug-fix release.

All products in a given release suite will have the same versioning. For example, there is no Attaché ClearView in the 18.1 suite of products. If it is released in the second suite for 2018, it will be Attaché ClearView 18.2.

Similarly, all download files (executables) will follow a naming convention that clearly indicates the product, file type and version, for example attache-application-installer-18.1.1. No executable will ever have the same file name as any previously-released version.

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