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Employee Onboarding lets new staff provide their legal and administrative information in an easy-to-use online process. Through a secure Attaché Online login, the employee works through the required forms – such as the Tax File Declaration in Australia or Tax Code Declaration in New Zealand – as well as superannuation, personal contact and banking details, which are then used to populate a new employee masterfile.

Putting onboarding into the hands of the staff member means the payroll or HR manager no longer wastes time chasing paper forms and re-entering data into Attaché Payroll.  

  • Access anywhere, anytime on any device – computer, tablet or mobile
  • Great first impression for an employee joining your organisation
  • No missing information so there's no need to chase up missing paperwork or incomplete forms
  • You can start employee onboarding before the employee's start date
  • No double-entry of data: the employee's information flows through to your employee masterfiles

See Using Employee Onboarding

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