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Employee leave transactions

Changes to leave fields in the employee masterfile, can affect the way leave is accrued the next time an employee receives a pay.

Each change to a leave field in the employee masterfile generates an employee leave transaction for audit purposes, which is displayed on the Leave History Report. Details about the change, such as Hours per Day changing from 3.00 to 5.00, are automatically included with the transaction as well as the date and operator details.

When making changes to leave details on the employee masterfile you can enter a comment regarding the change, such as Changed employee from part time to full time.

Leave transactions are updated during the Update Files task which is run when processing payroll.

There are four types of employee leave transactions.

  • Accrual transactions are generated each time an employee receives a pay
  • Taken transactions are generated each time an employee takes leave
  • Note transactions are generated when a field has been changed but the leave accruals have not been affected, such as for a change from one leave table to another
  • Adjustment transactions are generated when leave accruals are changed

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