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Quantity type allowances can be submitted with a timesheet in Express Leave. Allowances are configured in the Access Attache Desktop and synced to Express Leave. 

Company Admin - Allowances 

Quantity type allowances that have synced from Access Attache can be viewed in the Allowance menu under Company Admin. The menu will list the allowance code, allowance description, allowance type, allowance rate, if the allowance is active or inactive, and if the allowance is available on timesheets. 

Making an allowance Available On Timesheets. 

To make an allowance available for selection on timesheets select the tick box next to the allowance. 

My Timesheets - Allowances

Employees can add allowances to a timesheet, similar to how they add a time type. 

To enter a timesheet with allowance:

  1. Log in to Express Leave (

  2. Select My Timesheets.

  3. Choose the timesheet period you require and click Create New Timesheet.

  4. From Allowance Type, select from the list of available options (for example: Mileage, Meal Allowance).

  5. Enter the quantity of the allowance you wish to allocate to this allowance type.

  6. To add additional allowance types, select Add Row.
  7. When you've finished entering your timesheet details you can either choose Save As Draft (if you wish to update the timesheet at the end of each day), or you can submit it immediately for approval.

For full timesheet details see Entering and submitting a timesheet (for employees).


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