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Asset Masterfile 

Masterfiles | Asset Management | Asset | Maintain  | Add Asset | Attachments tab

The Attachments tab allows you to attach a document or other file type (picture, excel file, etc.) to an asset masterfile and add a searchable description for easy identification of the attachment. You can also edit the description later if needed, as well as browse, search, open and delete attachments.

Before you add the file, ensure that you name it appropriately as the attachment name defaults to the file name.

  • To add an attachment, click New Attachment (Alt+N), browse to the file location and select the file (or files) you wish to upload, then click Open. The files are now added to the document list on the Attachments tab. 
    • Valid file formats are: .txt, .log, .ico, .jpg, .png, .zip, .pdf, .pptx, .docx, .xlsx, .html, .mp4, .avi, .mp3, .wma and . svg.
    • File name must not exceed 243 characters.
    • File size must not exceed 128 MB
  • To add a brief description (up to 255 characters), highlight the file and in the Description field on the right, enter the description and then choose Save. The Description field is searchable.
  • To open an attachment, highlight the file and then choose Open (Alt+O).
  • To delete an attachment, highlight the file and then choose Delete (Alt+D).
  • To search for an attachment, click Search (Alt+E). In Field to search, choose whether to search by attachment name or description and in the Search for: field enter your search terms. You can search for any part of a word contained in the search field.

The Attachments tab allows you to attach a document or other selected file type (picture, excel file, etc.) to an asset masterfile

Field Descriptions

Field or group nameDescription
File Name

Displays the file name of the attachment.


Displays a description of the attachment (if a description has been entered).

Date AddedDisplays the local system date and time when the file was attached.

Selected details

File NameDisplays the file name of the selected attachment.

Allows you to enter a brief description of the file (up to a maximum of 255 characters), so you can easily identify it. The description is searchable.

REF:  100519

Changes to Attaché Fixed Assets

  • To better reflect the product, in Attaché 18 (or later), Attaché Fixed Assets has been renamed Attaché Asset Management.
  • New masterfile fields have been added to better track and manage assets. As a result, some fields and tabs have been rearranged so they are grouped in a more logical way.