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End of period update

Running an End-of-Period rollover is essential if you use period-based reports, such as Cost Centre PTD/YTD report. If you only use the date-based reports, such as the Pay Costing History report, then it is not required to run an End of Period update.

The end of period should be run only after all transactions for the current period have been processed. Processing an End of Period clears the period to date figures on the Costings reports and the Employee Enquiry screens.


Make sure that you print any period reports that you require before processing an end of period and take a backup of your data. 

  • To take a backup, choose File | Archive Current Company.
  • To run end of period for payroll, choose Period End | Payroll | End of Period | Payroll
  • Select the End of Period check box, the choose Accept (F9).