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When stock is received in and the Supplier Invoice is not yet available, you can enter the stock and other charge details via a Goods Received Note.

You can also select to create a Goods Received Note by reading in one or more Purchase Orders.

Once a Goods Received Note is accepted it cannot be modified, you must read it into an Invoice to do any modifications or to delete lines.

A Goods Received Note will update Non-Invoiced Goods on the supplier file, Average Cost, Last Cost, Quantity In Stock and Date of Last Receipt on the product file. A product receipt transaction will also be generated. If Purchase Order details were read in, Value on Purchase Order on the supplier file, Quantity and Value On Purchase Order on the product file would also be reduced.

When entering a Goods Received Note at the Supplier Code field you can use the Find feature to enter a Product Code and find one of the three suppliers from the Product Masterfile.

It is not necessary that you enter a Goods Received Note, you can enter details or read Purchase Orders straight into a Supplier Invoice.

One or more Goods Received Notes can be used to create one Supplier Invoice.

Once a Goods Received Note is read in to create a Supplier Invoice, the original lines on the Goods Received Note will be flagged as Complete if all the goods were invoiced, Partial if only some of the goods were invoiced and Complete if the goods are never expected to be delivered.

Once a Goods Received Note has been entered it can be printed. Purchase Order Options allow you to choose to print Goods Received Notes as they are entered or when selected from the report menu.

Tip: You can delete a line as you are entering a Goods Received Note by using Del Line (F6). Deleting a line that has been read in from a Purchase Order, will display 'Will these goods ever be supplied?' message. No (F3) will complete the line on the Purchase Order, Yes (F1) will leave the goods on Purchase Order. Once the Goods Received Note has been accepted, you will only be able to reverse it.

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