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Suppliers | Transactions | Purchase Orders | Create from Requisitions

Create from Requisitions will automatically generate Purchase Orders for the authorised Requisitions within the ranges selected. Only authorised Requisitions will be included.

Comment Lines will not transfer to the Purchase Order, these comments are presumed to refer to the Requisition.

One requisition can generate a number of Purchase Orders based on the number of different suppliers for that requisition. Several requisitions can generate one Purchase Order if the same supplier covers these requisitions.

The Supplier Code will be taken from the line. If the Supplier Code field on the line is blank this program will stop and ask you to select a supplier. The first supplier on the product masterfile will be displayed as the default.

You can also select to check lines without prices in the same manner.

Once a Purchase Order is generated, the lines generated are flagged as Complete on the requisition. If you have the required password level you can modify requisitions up until all lines have been generated into a purchase order.

If disk space is an issue requisitions with all lines completed should be deleted via Delete | Completed Requisitions on a regular basis. e.g. monthly.

REF: ID 622 | MOD 19 GPURCDOC | WHLP | 200819