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Suppliers | Transactions | Standing Orders | Create Standing Order

Create Standing Order is used to enter details of any orders you place with a supplier on a regular basis. 

Standing Purchase Orders can also be used as a template for Supplier Recurring Invoices. Once the standing order is created, attach it to a supplier recurring schedule and generate invoices/payments when required.

This task will also allow you to modify existing Standing Purchase Orders.

In Purchase Order Entry you can create or read in any number of Standing Purchase Orders for a supplier. You can also select to read in individual lines instead of the whole order.

The line details are the only details read into a Purchase Order from the Standing Purchase Order. Header and other trailer details will be as entered on the Purchase Order itself.

Note:  Any Discount entered on the header or body of a Standing Purchase Order is not read into the Purchase Order.

When entering a Standing Purchase Order, at the Supplier Code field you can use the Find feature to enter a Product Code and find one of the three suppliers from the Product masterfile.

To delete a Standing Purchase Order, access the order via Maintain Suppliers - Standing Purchase Order Entry and select Delete (F6) in the header or delete it via the Delete menu.

The Standing Purchase Order report will list line details for each Standing Purchase Order for each supplier.

REF: ID 633 | MOD 19 GPURCDOC | WHLP | 200819