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Transactions | Suppliers | Suppliers | Delete Transactions

This task allows you to delete transaction records. You can choose to delete all records or a range of records.

Note - Only zero-balance supplier transactions, which have been posted to General Ledger, Sales Analysis and BAS/GST reports will be deleted. And, only zero-balance supplier transactions that have been posted to General Ledger and BAS/GST reports will be deleted.

Selecting the Delete Transactions or Delete Paid Invoices check box enables a number of options within the task. These options allow you to specify a range of transaction records to delete. Depending on which of these tasks you are performing, you can specify various ranges on which to perform the action, such as date, group, masterfile code, etc.

Note - It is vital to take a backup of your data before running this task. This allows you to recover transaction records that may be mistakenly deleted.

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