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Disabling edit functions prevents users below the specified password level from opening maintenance tasks. A maintenance task is any task which allows a user to create, edit, maintain or delete data. Non-maintenance tasks are enquiry, lookup and reporting.

When disabling edit functions, you can add a comment to the standard information message which displays when users attempt to access the company. The standard message advises that editing in the company has been disabled and which user is responsible.

To disable edit functions in a company:

  1. Sign on to Attaché and choose File | Set Up and Delete Companies.
  2. Select the required company.
  3. Set the Disable edit functions check box to Yes and type a password level from 1—9.
    Any user below this password level will be prevented from opening maintenance tasks in that company. 
  4. To add a comment to the information message, select Notes (F4) and then Disable edit functions. Type your message.

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