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Document inclusions (Alex)

When you email documents, you can add extra pages — called inclusions — that you have created outside your Attaché system. An inclusion can be created from any printable file, such as a Microsoft Word document, a price list, a roster, or even a digital photograph. Each inclusion is one (or more) A4 pages, and is sent at a modest extra charge.

You create inclusions by using the Attaché Document Formatter, which is automatically installed with the AlexConnect software. Once installed, the Document Formatter is shown in the list of printers in your Windows programs. 

Attaché Software recommends Microsoft® Word to create your inclusions because you can easily control page size, file size, fonts and graphic elements, and still be as creative as you wish

When you send a document, you can add an inclusion to send before the document, after it, or both. In each case, you specify which inclusion to use by selecting the name of the folder containing the inclusion. Note: Inclusions in any subfolders in the folder you choose will also be sent with the document.

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