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Once you enable the Single Touch Payroll option in your payroll company, each time you process a pay run – called a "pay event" for STP purposes — the data (or batch) required for the STP lodgement will be uploaded to your online organisation and validated to ensure it meets ATO requirements. 

You can turn this option on at any time to test if your batches are uploading correctly when you process pays. However, it’s best to wait until you’re nearly ready to start submitting batches to the ATO so that you are not accumulating unnecessary data in your online organisation. 

To enable Single Touch Payroll in Payroll Options:

  1. Sign on to your Attaché Payroll company.
  2. Choose Setups | Payroll | Options | Payroll Options.
  3. On the Tax Details tab, select the Enable Single Touch Payroll check box.
  4. Choose Accept (F9).

If you’ll need to submit STP batches for more than one payroll company, sign on to each company and carry out the above steps.

Once you select Enable Single Touch Payroll, each time you process pays, an STP batch will be created and displayed under Single Touch Payroll in your organisation


You have now enabled STP reporting in your payroll company. The next time you process a pay run, a batch will be created in your organisation ready for you to review and submit to the ATO.