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Transactions | Suppliers | Adjustments | Enter Adjustments

Supplier Adjustments allow you to write off either a debit or credit amount from a supplier's account or to adjust General Ledger allocations.

The supplier's balance and the applicable ageing categories for the invoice allocations made will be increased by a positive adjustment amount and decreased by a negative adjustment amount.

To adjust a Due Date, you must enter a Credit Adjustment Note then re-enter the invoice with a new Due Date.

If General Ledger Postings has been selected in the Supplier Options, the following general ledger accounts will be updated:


PayablesDr or CrAdjustment Amount
Expense/VariousDr or CrVarious amounts enter equalling the Adjustment Amount

Note - Adjustments DO NOT update purchase or payment details. Therefore, do not use Adjustments if you want these details updated. An invoice or payment or a credit adjustment note should be entered.

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