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The Express Leave and Timesheets Reports menu includes the following reports.

 Audit Report

The Audit Report shows leave requests and timesheets that have been approved by someone other than the employee's default approver. For more information see Assigning a default approver to an employee on the Setting up employees in Attaché Express Leave and Timesheets page. 

For example, if Aiden approves leave for Amelia (whose default approver is Alexander) this transaction will appear on the Audit Report. The Administrator can choose to reject the leave.

Leave Balance Report

The Leave Balance Report shows leave balances for all employees and can be viewed only by an Administrator or HR Manager user type.

Processed Entries Report

The Processed Entries Report shows Express Leave and Timesheet transactions that have been processed, by company and date (see Processing Express Leave and Timesheet transactions in your desktop payroll company). Once you have completed a pay run in your desktop payroll company, log in to Express Leave and choose Mark As Complete for transactions processed in that pay run.

If required, you can also restore transactions to a pre-processed state.

Filtered Report

The Filtered Report allows you to create a custom report based on search criteria that you select.