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The Help menu, located on the far right of the menu bar, is always available and is used to access:

  • Field and Task Help (see below)
  • ClearView Help
  • What’s New page, which provides details about the latest software releases
  • Update Licence task, which is used to update your Attaché licence files
  • About Attaché screen, which provides details of your Attaché system, such as your VIP number, licence expiry date, software version, etc. To see a list of all licensed modules installed with your Attaché system, on the About Attaché screen select Modules Installed.

Accessing Field Help

  1. Open the task and move to the relevant field.
  2. Choose Help | Help or press F1 on your keyboard.

Accessing Task Help

Tab or tree style menu

  1. Highlight a task on any menu.
  2. Choose Help | Help or press F1 on your keyboard.

Drop-down style menu

  1. Open the task screen.
  2. Choose Help | Task Help or press Shift + F1 on your keyboard.