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Ability to create invoice reminders

Attaché BI version 3.4 (and later) includes the ability to create and send reminders for overdue invoices. The Invoice Reminders tab on the Attaché Desktop displays a list of overdue invoices. You can use the sort and filter functions to find specific invoices for which to send reminders. When you click Send, selected reminders are sent along with a copy of the related invoices to the customer's default document delivery address for invoices (email or fax) or sent to your default printer. Multiple reminders for the same customer can be bundled into a single document for delivery. Note that when sending invoice reminders by email or fax, standard document delivery charges apply. 

Getting started with invoice reminders

Managing access

Only users who have menu access rights to Invoice Print (Reports | Customers | Documents | Invoices) are able to access the Invoice Reminders tab on the desktop. 

Customising the Invoice Reminder layout

You can add your own logo and customise the text of the invoice reminder. To do so choose Setups | Customers | Forms Designer | Invoice Reminders. Individual invoice reminders are sent using the {MASTER} layout. Bundled reminders are sent using the {MASTBU} layout.

Setting up delivery addresses

If you are already sending customer invoices by email or fax using Attaché Document Management (Alex) then you do not need to do any additional setups. Invoice reminders are sent to the same delivery address (email or fax) as the customer invoices. To set up customer delivery addresses choose Tools | Company | Document Management | Customer Delivery Address Manager. If you are not using electronic document delivery addresses, you can still create invoice reminders but they will be sent to your default printer.

Setting up sending method 

You can choose to use either invoice address or statement address to send invoice reminders to your customers. To do this,  choose Setups | Customers | Options | Invoicing Options and go to Other Options tab. In the Sending Method option, choose either Invoice Address or Statement Address

Viewing overdue invoices

To view the list of overdue customer invoices, click the Invoice Reminders tab on the Attaché Desktop. The page shows invoices due today and overdue invoices for Open Item customers. (Tip: Authorised users can change an invoice's due date. To enable this feature, choose Setups | Customers | Options | Invoicing Options and select the Edit Due Date in Invoice Lookup check box.)

  • The Sending Method column indicates how the invoice reminder will be delivered: email, fax or printer. To manage customer document delivery addresses, click an icon to launch the Document Delivery Address Manager. 
  • A customer's available unallocated balance is also shown in case a customer has made payments which have not yet been allocated to invoices.
  • To view the latest transactions, click Refresh.
  • Use the navigation buttons to scroll between pages. By default, 20 invoices are shown per page. You can change the number of invoices per page using the drop-down option at the bottom of the screen.

Selecting which reminders to create

Sorting the list

Click on any column heading to sort the list in ascending order. Click again to sort in descending order.

Filtering the list

You can filter the invoices by clicking the filter icon next to the relevant column heading and entering the search criteria. More than one filter can be applied to the list. All current filters are displayed at the top of the screen. To clear a filter, click on the filter icon again and click Clear.

To find invoices by customer code, invoice number or invoice reference, you can enter all or any part of a string. For example, entering "home" in the Customer Code filter will return all invoices that have "home" in any part of the customer code.

To find invoices by invoice date or due date, use one of the predefined filters, such as Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days. Alternatively, select Custom Range and enter or select the required date range.

To find invoices by amount or balance, enter the required lower and upper brackets. To leave an open bracket, leave it blank. For example, to find all invoices with outstanding balance over 10,000, enter "10000" in the lower bracket and leave the upper bracket blank.

Creating reminders

You can select individual reminders by ticking the corresponding check boxes. Alternatively, tick the check box in the header row to select all invoices in the current view.

When emailing more than one reminder to the same customer, select the Bundle reminders by receiver check box. This will send a single email to each customer containing the reminder document with all relevant invoices included.

When you click Send, reminders are sent either to the document delivery queue or your printer queue. Reminders that you send electronically can be tracked in your BizDocs Outbox (or on the Alex Senders website). Your recipients will receive an email (or fax) containing the reminder and relevant invoice(s).

RN 230418 1811

Applicable versions

  • Attaché 18 or later

Enhancements to Invoice Reminders

Changes have been made to the Invoicing Options (Other Options tab) so that you can choose to use the invoice address or statement address to send invoice reminders for your customers. In addition, you can now launch the Document Delivery Address Manger from within the Invoice Reminders by clicking the Sending Method icon.

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