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The table below lists the fields in Express Leave and Timesheets for creating or maintaining an employee (Company Admin | Manage Users | Create New User) and, where applicable, the equivalent field in your desktop payroll company.

Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required fields.

Field in Express Leave and TimesheetsDescriptionEquivalent field in desktop payroll company
Name*Enter the employee's name.FullName
Employee ID*Must match the Employee Code in your desktop payroll company.EmployeeCode
LocationMust match the Location Code (if applicable) in your desktop payroll company.Location
Country*Select Australia or New Zealand.
State/Region*Based on country selection, select the employee's state or region. This determines the public holidays applied to the employee.State
Hours (standard day) *Used to calculate the hours of leave taken, for importing to your desktop payroll company for payroll processing.HourPerDay
Default Approver

Lists each person who is an Employee (Approver) in Express Leave.

Select the name of the person who will typically approve the employee's leave requests. Leave requests will be emailed to this person.

Note: employees can select a different Employee (Approver) when completing a leave request.


Used for all Express Leave emails related to this employee.

Note: An email address that has been used previously for example, can be reused provided that it is assigned to a new unique employee code.

Confirm Email*Re-enter the employee's email address.
User Type*

Determines the functions in Express Leave and Timesheets that the employee can access.


Only the MY LEAVE menu is displayed.

Note: Non-Employee user types are not included when creating the file to import into your desktop payroll company for payroll processing.

Employee (Non-Approver)Only the MY LEAVE menu is displayed.
Employee (Approver)The MY LEAVE and LEAVE MANAGEMENT menus are displayed.
HR ManagerThe MY LEAVE, LEAVE MANAGEMENT and LEAVE PROCESSING menus are displayed.
AdministratorAn Administrator has access to all Express Leave and Timesheets menus, including the Company Admin menu.

Timesheets Enabled

Choose Yes to enable timesheets for selected employees. This ensures that employees who are not required to enter a timesheet cannot do so in error.

Work HoursIf you have set up Templates for staff who work a 7-day week, choose Add Hours to assign a template to an employee. For more information on using Templates, see Setting up Express Leave and Timesheets.

How do I remove access to Attaché Express Leave and Timesheets for terminated employees?

To remove access to Express Leave and Timesheets for a terminated employee, select Manage Users from the Company Admin menu, locate the name of the terminated employee and choose Delete.

Tip: To ensure the employee is not re-added to Express Leave and Timesheets when updating/adding new employee details, in your desktop payroll company mark the employee as Inactive and confirm Show Inactive Masterfiles in Lookups is not selected in User Preferences.

How do I recreate a previously deleted employee in Attaché Express Leave?

If you have deleted an employee in Express Leave and want to re-instate them, call Attaché Support for assistance.