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In Single Touch Payroll (STP) in Attaché Online, you can change the batch status to Not Required by selecting Mark batch as not required under Options. This can be applied to batches with a status of Ready to Submit, ATO Confirmed, ATO Rejected or Not Latest.

When to mark a batch as Not Required

Typically you would mark a batch as Not Required when, for example: it is not correct and you have restored to an earlier archive; it is an adjustment that is not a Pay Event; etc.

You should submit ALL batches that are Pay Events to the ATO. Refer to this ATO website page for details on when to submit a batch. If you process pays in multiple runs, you should log into Attaché Online after each Process Pays is run and submit the STP batch. If you don't, you may find some pays are marked as "Not Latest". In order to submit batches marked as "Not Latest", so long as you have not submitted a more recent batch, do the following:

  1. mark the more recent batches as "Not required". Doing so will make the last "Not Latest" batch available to submit again.
  2. submit the earliest batch that you want to go back to to the ATO using the Submit to ATO button
  3. go to the next batch that is showing as "Not Required" (from step 1) and open it
  4. use Reinstate batch (refer below) from the drop down Options button to activate the batch again
  5. submit the batch to the ATO using the Submit to ATO button
  6. repeat steps 3 to 5 until all batches have been submitted

While each batch contains all employee YTD figures (available to employees via their myGov account), the ATO also uses the summary information which includes the Batch totals, such as Total PAYGW. Therefore all batches that are Pay Events need to be submitted.

What happens when a batch is marked as Not Required

  • The batch is no longer displayed on the Batch List screen
  • The batch status changes to Not Required.
  • Both Refresh batch and Sign and submit buttons are disabled

To display all batches marked as Not Required, select this status in the Statuses drop-down in the Batch List screen.

Reinstating a batch

To reinstate a batch that you have previously marked as Not Required , select Reinstate batch under Options on the Batch Details screen. The batch will return to its status prior to marking it as Not Required, which will be Ready to Submit, ATO Confirmed, ATO Rejected or Not Latest.