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Attaché 18.1 includes new Login (formerly Sign On) and Company Selection screens that introduce the new Attaché look and feel and provide faster access to your required company. 

The Login screen includes an option to Remember my username so you don't have to type it each time you log in. The previous Work with my usual company (which enables quick access to the company set up at Default Company for Login in User Maintenance), has been renamed Open my default company.  

The Company Selection screen (now called Open Company) includes a new search function so you can easily find the required company as well as details of the last time you logged into each company. Both Companies and My last login can now be sorted. 

Previously, you could sign on without selecting a company to access the File and Help menus. These menus are now available from the Open Company screen. 

If Block User Access has been applied to a company, the user is unable to see the restricted company on the Open Company screen.

Applicable versions

  • Attaché 18 or later

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