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The Available Batches for Consolidation screen allows you to combine multiple payday filing batches into one batch to submit to IR. This is used, for example, if you have entered an adjustment pay (due to an error in a primary batch) that creates a batch with a negative total for an employee. Batches with negative totals cannot be submitted to IR and so you must consolidate the batch with the primary batch prior to submitting.

The screen lists all batches (except IR Confirmed batches or batches that are already consolidated with another batch) within the same calendar month of the Date Paid for the primary batch. For example, if your primary batch is Batch 32 with a Date Paid of 15/02/2019, all batches with a Date Paid in February 2019 are listed except those that have already been submitted and confirmed by IR (IR Confirmed).

To display the Available Batches for Consolidation screen, on the Batch Details screen for the primary batch (Batch 32 in our example), click "Correcting a batch" to expand the screen and then click the Consolidate with... button.

To consolidate into the primary batch, select the required batch or batches and then click the Consolidate button. You can then submit the consolidated primary batch to IR as usual.

Note: If you accidentally consolidate the wrong batch into a primary batch, you can undo the consolidation by simply de-selecting that batch on the Available Batches for Consolidation screen and then clicking the Consolidate button again. 

Viewing details of consolidated batches

If you would like to check the details of a batch which has been consolidated with another batch, go to the Batch Details screen for the main batch and click the Consolidate with button. Then open the EI Return Report to see the details of both batches. 

For example, if you want to check the details for Batch 14 which has been consolidated with Batch 12:

  1. On the Batch List screen, click on Batch 12 to display the Batch Details screen.

  2. The Batch Details screen for Batch 12 shows that it has been consolidated with Batch 14.  Click Consolidate with...

  3. Open the EI Return Report. You will see the consolidated batch totals as well as the breakdown for each of the sub-batches.