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This page describes the Batch Details screen for payday filing (New Zealand). 

Field name or buttonDescription
Batch Number

A unique system-generated number for each pay run.

Back to Batch ListTakes you to the Batch List screen which displays all payday filing batches.

Displays the submission status to IR.

Batch statusDescription

Ready to Submit

Batches with a status of Ready to Submit are ready to submit to IR.

Errors Detected

Batches with a status of Errors Detected indicates one or more error in the employee’s data. View the validation message(s) displayed in the Batch Details screen for more information. Once you’ve fixed all errors, the batch status will change to Ready to Submit and you can submit the batch.

IR Pending

Batches with a status of IR Pending have been submitted and are awaiting a response from IR. 

IR Rejected

Batches with a status of IR Rejected require your attention. Once you’ve fixed all errors, resubmit the batch to IR.

IR Confirmed

Once a batch has been accepted by IR the status changes to IR Confirmed.


If you reverse a batch that has previously been submitted, the amounts in the batch are zeroed out in myIR and the batch status is changed to Reversed. Batches with the status Reversed do not display in the Monthly Payable Report.

Consolidated (displayed on the Available Batches for Consolidation screen)

A batch with the status of Consolidated has been consolidated with one or more other batches. To view the details of the consolidated batch and its sub-batches, run the EI Return Report from the Batch Details screen.

Date PaidDisplays the date paid in Check Pays.
Pay Period Ending

Displays the pay period ending date in Check Pays.

Total Gross EarningsDisplays the total Gross Earnings amount in the batch.
Total PAYEDisplays the total PAYE tax amount in the batch.
SubmitAllows you to send the batch to IR. Each batch includes the submission return file, notification of new employee, updated employee details and terminated employees.
EI Return ReportDisplays the Payday Filing - EI Return Report.

Correcting a batch

Consolidate with...

IR does not accept negative employee pays in a submission. Consolidate with... lets you consolidate a negative employee (for example, created via an adjustment pay) with the primary batch for submitting to IR. The Consolidate with... button is displayed when you click Correcting a batch.

See Correcting errors in payday filing submissions

Batch Details screen showing the Consolidate with... button

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