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Getting started

Which version of Attaché do I need to be using for payday filing? 

You need to be using Attaché 18.3 (October 2018) or later.

What if I don't want to upgrade? 

For online payday filing you must be using Attaché 18.3 (or later). IR allows employers to submit their pay details by manually entering pay details for each pay run in myIR. If you don't want to upgrade, you can use this manual method of reporting. 

When I start payday filing on the first of the month, do I need to do my EMS for the last month?     

Yes, your last EMS needs to be done for the prior month to starting payday filing. For example, if you start payday filing in February, you need to file your final EMS to cover the month of January. It is due on the usual date, which would be 5 or 20 February in our example. 

Is EMS finished?  Will everything go through payday filing from 1 April 2019?

Yes. EMS will no longer be available after the due dates for employers to file for March 2019 (that is, the end of April).

Employee information

If I have a new employee, do I have to send any details to IR? 

All the required employee details will be included in your usual payday filing submission. You don't need to provide anything additional.

Who will IR contact if the employee information is not correct – the employer or employee?

IR will contact the employer.

Who will IR contact if an employee has incorrectly forecast their annual income for social services – the employer or employee?

IR will contact the employee.

What happens if a casual employee works for only a few days or weeks?  Similarly, what if an employee works for, say, three months and leaves but then comes back and works again in the future?

There is no change to the way you previously processed pays with the EMS. Employees are only included in a payday filing batch if they have been paid in that pay run. 

Submitting information 

Is it Date Paid or Pay Period Ending Date for the requirement to submit within two working days?  

You must submit within two working days of the date paid.

If two pays are processed in a row, do I need to submit both?

Yes, you need to payday file every time you process pays that contain information that needs to be sent to IR. 

How long does it take IR to respond after I submit a payday filing batch?

IR processes payday filing batches and responds instantly, however, with your first payday file an overnight batch processing occurs to move the data from the old IR system to the new. If any issues occur, they will be reported in myIR.

Do I still need to submit IR345 (employer deductions)?

You are no longer required to submit IR345. Instead, based on your payday filing submissions for the period, your IR345 is automatically generated in myIR on the due date and you simply pay the required amount. If you want to pay before the IR345 has been generated, you can use either the Monthly Payable Report in payday filing or the IRD Reconciliation Report to find the required amount. (IR have advised that they are intending to make this easier in the near future.) 

Am I required to keep hard copies of any payroll reports for each pay run?   

Payday filing has not changed record-keeping requirements. You should keep appropriate payroll records for auditing purposes. 

Is it only at Christmas that you can set paydays and submissions in advance or can this be done at any time of year? 

IR allows you to file in advance at any time during the year. 

How do I see the batch report after I have submitted the batch to IR? 

You can access the EI Return Report for each batch at any time. In Payday Filing, go to the Batch List screen, select the required batch to open the Batch Details screen where you can access the EI Return Report. 

Errors and troubleshooting 

Correcting mistakes in pays

How do I update a previously submitted and IR confirmed batch if I've made a mistake? 

There are different ways to update previously submitted batches depending on the type of correction. See Correcting errors in payday filing submissions

What happens if I have to restore and re-process pays before I have submitted the original batch?

After you have re-processed pays, both batches will be available in Payday Filing. Submit the corrected batch. You can then hide the incorrect batch so that it is not included in the Monthly Payable Report and so you don't accidentally file it in the future. 

What happens if I have to restore and re-process pays after I have submitted the original batch?  

You'll need to reverse the submission to IR and then submit the corrected batch. See Scenario 3 – restore from archive and reverse batch in Correcting errors in payday filing submissions

Error messages

See also Payday Filing error messages

Why am I getting KiwiSaver errors on the Batch Details screen before I submit a payday filing batch?   

Under New Zealand legislation, employees must be opted in to KiwiSaver and then can opt out only after 2 week's employment. When opting out, some mandatory information is required. Some employers have not followed the correct process and now have employee records that do not meet IR requirements.

To correct an employee, on the Tax tab of the employee masterfile, ensure the KiwiSaver Opt Out DateBank Code for Refund and Account Name fields are complete. Then, on the Batch Details screen, refresh the batch. Once all errors are corrected, the batch status will be Ready to Submit and you can submit it to IR. 

Why am I getting an "invalid title" error on the Batch Details screen?  

IR validation requires an employee's title (Mr, Mrs, etc.) to be between two and seven characters only. The error occurs if you have fewer than two (i.e. one) or more than seven characters in the Title field on the Details tab of the employee masterfile. Correct the Title field in the masterfile and then refresh the batch and submit it to IR.


When I try to connect through the PayDay Filing gateway in Attaché Payroll for the first time, I get the error "Cannot log on to myIR".

This could be due to an incorrect IRD number in the GST Number field in Company Options or you may be logging into the wrong IR account. See Payday Filing exception - cannot log in to myIR

I have completed a pay run but when I open Payday Filing, the batch is not displayed. 

You must be connected to Attaché Online when processing pays in order for a batch to be created and uploaded correctly. If a batch is not displaying after a pay run, check that the Attaché Cloud Connector Message Processor and Message Relay Services are running and if not, restart them. If the services are running and the batch is still missing, contact Attaché Support to retrieve the missing batch.

Note: Attaché Cloud Connector Message Processor and Message Relay Services was be replaced by Attaché API Service in Attaché 20.1.

(If you are not familiar with the installation of the Attache Database Service and Cloud Connector, talk to your system administrator or contact Attaché Support.)

The batch is displayed in the Payday Filing screen but it is displaying $0 gross and $0 tax.

If you have a large number of employees (say, more than one thousand employees) and you have just processed pays or it is your first payday filing, the batch may take a minute or two to upload. If the totals are still not displaying after waiting a short time, try closing and reopening the Payday Filing screen. If the issue is still not resolved, contact Attaché Support.

The Total Gross Earnings displayed on the Batch Details screen does not match the Pay Totals report

The Total Gross Earnings may differ from the Pay Totals report for different reasons: 

  • non-taxable (reimbursing) allowances are not included in the gross earnings reported to IR
  • gross earning are always truncated to the nearest whole dollar on an employee-by-employee basis

Run the IRD Reconciliation Report for the specific pay day and check that it matches the Total Gross Earnings in the Batch Details screen.

Why am I getting Error Code 106 A relationship between this account and employee IRD already exists on the Batch Details screen?  

This error occurs if you submit a payday filing batch that includes an employee who has been terminated in IR but has a matching employment start date in the employee masterfile. To resolve the issue, log in to myIR and remove the Finish Date and then submit the batch again.

What do I do if a batch submission that includes terminated employees is rejected by IR?

As well as payment and salary information, each payday filling submission includes employment service files containing information about new, updated and terminated employees, as required by IR.

If a payday filing submission containing terminated employees is rejected by the IRD, prior to resubmitting the batch you will need to log in to myIRD via the IRD website and delete the termination date for the employee before you resubmit the corrected batch.

This is because IR automatically updates the termination date for any terminated employees when the batch is first submitted (prior to rejecting the batch). If you resubmit the batch without first deleting the employee’s termination date,  the IRD system sees that there is already a termination date entered for the employee and will again reject the batch.

REF HL0042, 130120