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Transactions | Payroll | Process Payroll | Update Files
Transactions | Process Payroll | Process Payroll | Update Files

Process Payroll - Update Files will update the current pay details to employee master files. Transaction and history details for income types, allowances, deductions and employer contributions will also be updated.

If Calculate Monthly Super was selected in Check Pays, the Monthly Income for Super field on the employee's master file is set to zero for ALL employees within the frequencies and ranges selected.

Therefore this pay run will take longer to process than normal.

Leave accrual details and costing information will be updated if these have been selected in the Payroll Options.

General Ledger details will also be generated to the General Ledger Posting report if general ledger has been selected in the Payroll Options. If you have the Attaché General Ledger you can also access Other Module Postings and post these details to your general ledger.

A message "Unchecked Pays Exist" may display. The only time this message should display is if you have some time sheet or adjustment pays entered for another frequency.

Once this process has been started it cannot be terminated. If any errors have been made you will need to restore from your backup or enter an adjustment in the next payroll.

Make sure all Pre-Process Pays reports have been printed prior to running this program. These reports will not be accessible once Update Files is complete.

Transaction reports for the current pay or a wider range of dates e.g. period reports will be available once Update Files is complete. These reports are available to be printed at any time but are not updated with current details until Update Files has been run.


Make sure you take a backup before running Update Files. Weekly backups should not be rotated for at least a month and the backup taken for the last payroll of the month should not be rotated for at least 3 months. It may be necessary to return to a previous month's backup in an emergency.

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