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Suppliers | Transactions | Pay Selections | Cheques Printed Report
Suppliers | Reports | Payments | Cheques Printed Report
Payroll | Reports | Other Reports | Cheques Printed Report

If you print cheques, the Printed Cheques Report displays details of the cheques printed including the payee, cheque number and amount. The report lists all cheques requested to print, regardless of whether the cheques were produced.

For each request to print, the report shows a status of either Printed OK or Not Confirmed. As a result, the report may list some cheques twice. For example, the report may list a sequence of cheques that did not print correctly Not Confirmed and within the same sequence the same cheques are marked as printed correctly Printed OK. This helps prevent losing track of cheques that are printed but not updated to their corresponding module.

The Printed Cheques Report includes:

  • cheques printed from the Suppliers, Payroll and Cashbook modules
  • manual cheques processed in the Supplier and Payroll cheque listings
  • combined cheques/remittances generated in the Suppliers module.

The report lists all cheques from these sources, including:

  • cheques printed only to screen
  • cheques only 'test printed'
  • cheques not confirmed as having printed correctly and hence not updated to their corresponding module.

To accumulate details for the Cheques Printed report, you need to set Record Cheq Numbers to Yes in Company Options. To find the field, choose Setups | Company | Options | Company Options.

When the report is complete, the system displays the message OK to delete Printed Cheques File?  If you intend to reprint the report, click No. Otherwise, click Yes to prevent the report data accumulating, wasting disk space.

Note:  If your company writes cheques manually, you may wish to restrict access to this function.

Printed Cheques report
REF: ID 694 | MOD 6 SUPPMODS | WHLP | 070519