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You can print lists of transactions from masterfile enquiry in Customers, Suppliers, Products/Services, General Ledger and Payroll. You can choose the date order that the information is reported and whether to send the information to printer or screen.

To print a transaction list from masterfile enquiry

  1. Open the masterfile enquiry screen and select the desired masterfile record.
  2. Choose Trans (F5) if you wish to display a transaction list or Orders (F8) to display an orders list. 
  3. If printing a transaction list, you can choose Options (F8) to select the date order in which you want the information reported and whether to include zero balance transactions. After making your selections, choose Accept (F9).
  4. Select Output (F2) and select Printer or Screen. 
  5. Choose Print (F9) to output the list. 
  6. Choose Finish (Esc) to close the masterfile enquiry screen. 

REF: A000797.02 

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