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Attaché provides an extensive range of standard reports including Customer ReportsPayroll Reports – HelpProduct Reports – HelpSupplier Reports – HelpGeneral Ledger Reports – Help, Company Reports – Help and User reports as well as custom reports you can define.

Reports can be viewed on screen, sent to a printer or saved as files. See Printing reports.

Attaché ExpressLink lets you open and save Attaché reports in variety of formats. For example, you can choose to open an Attaché report in MS Word or MS Excel, email it, or save it in HTML or CSV format. See Exporting reports with Attaché ExpressLink.

Reports have a variety of range options specific to each report. For example many payroll reports allow you to constrain to selected locations, employees by employee code or surname range, pay point, date and code ranges. Reports can be sequenced or sorted. For example, a product report may have options such as sequencing by line item, location, product and product group. See Report settings and options.

Preferred selections and report print settings such as printers, ranges, sequences and record selections can be saved by choosing Save (F5) in the selected report task screen once you have made your selectionsSee Working with default user report options.

Report preferences can be copied from user to user and company to company. See Copying user options between users and companies.

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