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Products | Reports | Periodical | Product Reorder
Suppliers | Transactions | Requisitions | Product Reorder Report
Products | Period End | Transaction Reports | Reorder

The Product Reorder Report displays the suggested Reorder Quantity, Last Cost and Reorder Value for any products which need reordering. The method of calculating this quantity is affected by the Reorder Selection in Setups | Products | Options | Product Options Reorder Qty/Level or Min/Max.

You can select whether to include the quantity on backorder in the calculation of the reorder quantity. The quantity on requisition and purchase order will automatically be taken into consideration if the Purchasing module is used.

Select Generate Requisitions to automatically raise a requisition for the reorder quantities. The first Supplier Code on the product master file will be used as the default supplier on the requisition. Any prices set up in Supplier Pricing for the applicable Supplier/Product combination will be the default price.

You get the opportunity to edit the requisitions before approving them for conversion to Purchase Orders. As goods are received, they can be read into either Goods Received or Invoice transactions, thus further avoiding keying errors and saving time

Note: Once a requisition has been generated the products will no longer appear on the Reorder report. If a requisition is generated in error simply delete the requisition and the products will return to their original state.



REF: ID 248 | MOD 5 PRODMODS | WHLP | 030619