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Leave loading is optional and often paid with annual leave using an allowance.

Leave loading details are held on the Loading Details screen on the employee masterfile. To change the Leave Loading Percent on the employee masterfile see Leave tab in Employee Maintenance.

Details include:

  • Loading Percent used to calculate the loading to be received by the employee and can be modified during transactions entry.
  • Normal/Award Rate at which the loading will be paid at.
  • Taxable/Non Taxable to determine if the loading is taxable or not.
  • Loading Calculated on which types of leave.

Employee Masterfile Loading Details

Employee Masterfile Loading Details


Leave loading hours are not accrued or linked to leave accruals. You can pay any number of leave loading hours regardless of the number of leave hours taken.

Tip: When entering transactions, you can choose Leave (F8) to view the number of leave loading hours an employee has accumulated for the current year.


REF: A000795