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Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a standard approach to online or digital record-keeping that was introduced by the Australian government in 2010 to simplify business reporting obligations. For more information see the Australian Government's Standard Business Reporting website.

Your Attaché system is SBR enabled, which means you can send data (such as payroll data required for Single Touch Payroll reporting) directly from Attaché to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). To report electronically via Attaché you first need to set up your key SBR information, which includes nominating Attaché Software as your hosted SBR software service provider via the ATO website and adding your business details (such as your ABN) in Attaché Online.

Before you begin

Before starting this procedure, you will need:

Ensure you have entered your ABN and Branch Number (if applicable) in Setups | Company Setups | Options | Company Options

Adding your business details in Attaché Online

To submit batches to the ATO for Single Touch Payroll reporting you'll need to complete your business details in Attaché Online.

To add a business to the Registered Businesses list in Attaché Online:

  1. Log in to Attaché Online and select the organisation. 
  2. Click the Settings menu and then select Standard Business Reporting
  3. Read and accept the Software Terms and Conditions.
  4. Click Add Business.
  5. Check and, where necessary, complete any missing details. 

    To submit STP batches to the ATO you'll you need to check your details in Attaché Online
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 if you have more than one ABN under your current organisation.

The business(es) you have added is displayed in the Registered Businesses list. You can add different branches for one ABN. If you do so, the branches you set up are displayed in the Registered Businesses list as well as in the ABN drop-down in Single Touch Payroll.

Note: You can view, edit or remove a business if required. However, if you remove an ABN then you will no longer be able to submit new batches to the ATO (for Single Touch Payroll reporting) for that ABN. 

The Registered Businsses list displays the ABN's you have associated with this organisation

Nominating Attaché Software as your hosted SBR software service provider 

To complete these steps, you must have a myGovID with the appropriate authorisation (as set up in Relationship Authorisation Manager or RAM).

To nominate Attaché Software as your hosted SBR service provider 

  1. In Standard Business Reporting, take a note of the following details, as you'll need this information later:
    • the Software Service Provider and ABN details for Attaché Software
    • your Software ID — this is a unique identifier provided by Attaché Software for this Attaché Online organisation.
  2. Click Notify the ATO to open the ATO Access Manager on the ATO website. 

    The ATO Access Manager Login Screen

  3. Log in to the Access Manager. 
  4. Select My hosted SBR software services from the left-hand menu and then select Notify the ATO of your hosted service.
  5. Using the details you noted at step 1complete the notification process. Take care to enter your Software ID correctly. If the Software ID entered does not match what was provided to you by Attaché Software, your submissions to the ATO will fail. 

To notify the ATO if your hosted SBR Service Provider in Access Manager, enter the unique  Software ID provider

If you have more than one ABN under a single Attaché Online organisation, repeat steps 2–4 for each ABN.

Note: Each Attaché Online organisation has a unique Software ID. If you have multiple Attaché Online organisations and they have the same ABN, you will need to enter multiple Software IDs for the ABN in the ATO Access Manager by using the Add another button beside the Add Software ID field. 

Related links

Visit the ATO website for further information on how to notify the ATO of your hosted SBR service provider.

For a quick overview, watch this ATO video (1.56 m) on how to notify the ATO of your hosted SBR service provider via Access Manager.

REF: A001677.02,  280618, AO2018-13, HL0015    KCS 000048711

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