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Before proceeding, check that you are running Attaché BI version 3.7.2 (November 2017) or later. To do so, in Attaché choose Help | About and note the version. If not, talk to your Attaché consultant to organise your upgrade. See also Which version for Single Touch Payroll? 

This section provides detailed instructions on how to prepare for and set up the Attaché Payroll Employee Portal, including Single Touch Payroll.

Rather than reading the Help Centre topics, you may prefer to download the PDF and print it so you can work through the tasks. The information in the PDF is the same as that in the Help Centre topics. 

Single Touch Payroll and Employee Portal Setup Guide (PDF) 

Click on the thumbnail image to download the guide.

If you are viewing the Help Centre from within the Attaché Desktop and you cannot download the PDF, paste the address below into your usual browser. You'll then be able to click on the thumbnail to download the PDF.