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If an employee is away on Annual Leave or Unpaid Leave you may wish to stop their pay processing until they return. You can specify that an employee is not to be paid for one or more pay periods. To do so you set the Stop Pay Until date field in the employee masterfile (either directly or during transaction entry).

Before the specified date is reached (or until it is cleared from the employee masterfile), Attaché Payroll:

    • does not generate auto pays for the employee.
    • displays a warning:  'Pay stopped until....., Continue?' if you enter a time sheet or adjustment pay for the employee. If you choose to continue, a pay will be processed for that employee and the Stop Pay Until date will be cleared from their masterfile, or replaced if another Stop Pay date was entered on this transaction.

During the Process Pay, this date will update the 'Stop Pay Until' date on the Employee Masterfile. 

Stopping pays by using the employee masterfile

To stop pays by using the employee masterfile:

  1. Choose Masterfiles | Payroll | Employee Details | Maintain.
  2. Enter the employee code or choose Find (F2) to search for the employee.
    The employee's details are displayed.
  3. In the Details tab on Stop Pay Until field, enter the appropriate date, such as one day after the current pay period.
  4. Choose Accept (F9).

Note: If you use Notes (F4), you can enter a note outlining the reasons for the pay being stopped.

Stopping pays by using transaction entry

If you stop pays by using transaction entry, Attaché Payroll processes the current pay and sets the Stop Pay Until date field in the employee masterfile to the date you specify.

To stop an employee's pay by using transaction entry:

  1. Choose Transactions | Payroll | Time sheets (or Adjustments) | Create or Modify.
  2. Enter the employee code or choose Find (F2) to search for the employee.
    The employee's name and pay frequency are displayed.
  3. If the Do you wish to enter a time sheet pay for an Auto Pay employee? warning prompt displays, choose Yes.
  4. In the Function field, choose Add new pay - start with Standard pay.
  5. To accept the employee, choose Accept (F9) or press Enter.

  6. If desired, enter a description of the pay.
  7. Set the Stop Pay after this Pay field to Yes.
    An Until field is displayed.
  8. Enter the appropriate date.
  9. To accept the details, choose Accept (F9).
  10. Continue entering the pay details in the second screen.
  11. Choose Finish (Esc).
  12. To the Accept Pay? prompt, choose Yes.

Tip: If the employee is taking leave, it is a good idea to enter the Stop Pay Until date at the same time as entering the leave details.

Note: It is particularily important to use this feature for Auto Pay Employees as their pays would otherwise continue to be processed whilst away. Auto Pay Employee codes will not show in the Employee code field in transaction entry automatically. Use Find to locate the employee code. Once the date has passed, the field on the masterfile will automatically clear. This field can be cleared or modified via Employee Maintenance at any time.

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