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Pay Selection allows you to mark invoices for payment. You can select to either automatically or manually mark invoices or to use a combination of the two methods. Select to mark invoices then manually adjust the payments for the invoices that vary.

Pay Selection will ignore any suppliers that are flagged In Dispute. An invoice cannot be marked for payment until the In Dispute flag on the supplier is set to No.

The Discount Calc'n Date allows discount to be calculated for all invoices with a Discount Date later than or equal to the Discount Calc'n Date entered. Discount will not be calculated for invoices with a Discount Date prior to the Discount Calc'n Date.

For Automatic selections you can enter a Maximum Amount to Pay. Invoices will be marked for payment within the ranges entered until the Maximum Amount to Pay has been exhausted. The Maximum Amount to Pay works in the same manner for Manual selections. However, once adjustments are made to amounts, the Maximum Amount to Pay becomes irrelevant.

Supplier Code, Sort Code, Category, Postcode, Due Date and Discount Date Ranges are available. Only invoices that are within ALL ranges entered will be presented to be marked for payment. You can select to process more than one Pay Selection to cater for various range selections.

e.g. First Pay Selection: Due Date from 01/09 to 14/09
Second Pay Selection: Discount Date from 01/09  to 30/09

All invoices that are both due for payment by 14th September AND entitled to receive discount if paid by 30th September will be marked for payment.

Invoices with a Due Date later than 14th September and either no Discount Date or one later than 30th September will not be marked for payment.

Manual Selection displays all outstanding invoices for each supplier within all ranges selected. To mark an invoice for payment, enter the amount to be paid and any discount taken.

Once invoices are marked for payment a Bank Deposit, Cheques or a Cheque List may be printed. The Payment and Remittance Details are not actually generated until the Bank Deposit, Credit Card Payments, Cheques or Cheque Listing are processed and accepted. Therefore an invoice may be marked, unmarked or the payment amount changed via Pay Selection as often as required prior to the payment details being printed and updated.

An invoice is marked when a payment amount is allocated alongside the invoice. To unmark an invoice, simply enter zero in both the amount and discount fields alongside the invoice. If a number of invoices have been incorrectly marked, you can select Clear Pay Selections to automatically unmark invoices for all or a range of invoices or suppliers.

Where Withholding Payments has been selected in the Company Options, you would mark the invoice for payment as usual. Enter the whole amount. The tax element will be deducted automatically as the Bank Deposit, Credit Card Payments, Cheques or Cheque Listing are processed. Two transactions are generated for the supplier - one for the net payment amount and one for the tax amount. Both reduce the supplier invoice balance.

A Cash Requirements report should be printed prior to and after processing a Pay Selection. This report will show you all or ranges of unpaid invoices or only those invoices marked for payment as well as supplier and cumulative running totals.

Note: If an invoice that is marked for payment is paid or part paid via Transactions | Payments, it will no longer be marked for payment.

There are no General Ledger allocations generated during Pay Selection. The following are generated when the Bank Deposit, Credit Card Payments, Cheques or Cheque Listing have been processed and accepted:

PayablesDebitPayment Amount
Discount ReceivedCreditDiscount Taken
Tax CollectedCreditWithholding Payments Amount
Bank AccountCreditNet Payment Amount



Select Multiple Bank Accounts (from Supplier Options) if more than one Bank Account is used for payments.

Auto Bank Entry

If Auto Bank Entry is used, set up company Bank Accounts via Setups | Suppliers | Company Bank Accounts.


Payments selected in Pay Selections must be done in batches for each company bank account.

  • Select Suppliers that are paid from one account,
  • Print their cheques and/or generating bank file,
  • Repeat for each company bank account.

You have the option of selecting the general ledger bank account from which the payment will be made, or accepting the bank account from the supplier's general ledger set. For direct bank entry you must also select the Company Bank Code.

New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

For New Zealand or Papua New Guinea company bank accounts, you must enter your bank account details in Setups | Suppliers | Company Bank Accounts, even if you only have one bank account.


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