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Transactions | Suppliers | Purchases Centre | Supplier Register

The Supplier Register provides a single point where it lists supplier invoices, credit adjustments and payments as well as create new ones. You can display a complete list of purchases transactions by selected document types, ranges and sequences. You can also drill down to source documents from the list.


Find (F2)

Allows you to search by text.

Find Next (F3)

Allows you to search and find the next text.

Documents (F4)Allows you to choose to display All Documents, Invoices Only, Credit adjustment notes Only or Payments Only.
Refresh (F5)

Select this to pick up recent processing changes for supplier invoices, payments, and credit adjustment notes.

Selections (F8)

Using selections you can filter out the unnecessary information to provide a more concise report. Filter selections include: Supplier range, Sort detail range, Postcode range, Category range, Date range, and Due date range.

Lookup (F9)


Output (F11)This function allows you to send Supplier register listing directly to print, screen or disk file.
New (F12)Select this to enter a new Supplier invoice.

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