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Requisition Entry is used when you wish to order goods, but the order must be authorised by a superior or purchasing officer before a Purchase Order can be raised.

The Product Re-Order Report will also allow you to select to generate a Requisition. If selected, one Requisition will be generated for all goods with a suggested re-order quantity.

Purchase Orders can be generated for any Requisitions that have been authorised. Comment Lines will not transfer to the Purchase Order, these comments are presumed to refer to the Requisition.

A Password Level function is available in Purchase Order Options to restrict the ability of users to modify requisitions. The person authorising the Requisition will have to re-access and modify the Approved field on the Requisition to Yes before a Purchase Order is generated.

The entered by and approved by user names are stored for history purposes. Enquiry will allow you to view who entered or authorised a requisition.

One Requisition can generate a number of Purchase Orders based on the number of suppliers on that Requisition. Several Requisitions can generate one Purchase Order if the same supplier covers these Requisitions.

Once a Purchase Order is generated for a line, that line is flagged as Complete on the Requisition. Only those operators with an approved password level can modify approved Requisitions. Once a Requisition has been entered or modified, it can be printed. Purchase Order Options allow you to choose to print requisitions as they are entered or when selected from the report menu.

Tip: Requisitions can be modified up until all lines have been deleted or generated into a purchase order. To delete a current Requisition, delete any active lines, then select Delete (F6) in the header.


REF: ID 616 | MOD 19 GPURCDOC | WHLP | 200819