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Requisition Enquiry allows you to enquire on any current or completed Requisition documents.

All documents remain on the system until they are deleted via the delete menu. Once deleted, they are no longer available for enquiry.

To access a requisition enter or Find the Document Number.

Once a document is displayed on the screen, accept the header and operate the enquiry the same as a transaction. You will be able to enquire on the header, all lines and trailer. You will not be able to enter or adjust any details.

Drill-down to masterfiles

A drill-down function is available which allows you to drill down to information stored in masterfiles from selected transaction lookup screens. If drill-down is enabled, a red triangle appears in the upper right corner of the field. To drill down, double-click on a field or Tab to the field to highlight it and then press Enter. You can also select Lookup (F9) on a drill down field, on screens where this function is available.

Printing and sending documents

All customer and supplier transaction lookup screens include an Output (F2), function which is available when a document is highlighted. You can use this function to send customer and supplier documents directly to print, fax or email from transaction lookup screens. You can also mark documents as printed, choose a special form code and add inclusions if sending by email or fax.


REF: ID 376 | MOD 11 PURCORD | WHLP  | 200819