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You can track the delivery of both payroll and accounts documents via the Alex Senders website. For non-payroll documents, you can also use Attaché BizDocs Outbox to track document deliveries (see Tracking document deliveries via BizDocs Outbox for more information).

The Alex Senders website allows you to perform various tasks associated with tracking documents and managing your sender's account, including:

  • Viewing and reprinting sent documents.
  • Tracking the status, date and time that sent documents were opened by the recipient.
  • Setting up an exception report of unopened documents to be emailed to you.
  • Entering or changing your account details, including changing your password.
  • Linking sender accounts for document management.

You can use any or all of these services and you may change your tracking options at any time. 

To link your accounts for billing purposes, complete this during the sender's account registration or contact Attaché for assistance. Alternatively, you can use the Alex sender's site where you can link accounts for billing.

Attaché Alex Senders website

You can track the delivery of every document sent at the secure sender's website. You can choose to view and reprint documents according to when they were sent, to whom they were addressed, their document number and other criteria.K

To display a list of documents that you have sent from your account

  1. Log into the secure Alex Senders website.
  2. The browser displays a form to the document criteria. If the form is not shown, select Document List.
  3. Select the criteria for the documents you want to list, such as a list of documents that have not been opened, specific recipient email or a date range. 
  4. Click List Now to view the documents.

You can click on the PDF icon to view the document or click the reference to view the tracking details. Documents listed in bold are unopened by the recipient.

Tracking documents using exception reports.

Exception reports list undeliverable faxes and unopened emails sent during the selected period – daily, weekly or monthly. Exception reports are emailed automatically to all sender accounts who want them.

New sender accounts automatically receive weekly exception reports (unless you have no undeliverable/unopened documents to report). You can turn off exception reports so that you no longer receive them, or choose the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) of when you want to receive the exception reports. There are an option to choose to receive them even if there are no undelivered/unopened documents to report.

To change your exception report options:

  1. Log into the Alex Senders website
  2. Click on the Exception reports link. The browser displays a form containing the options for exception reports.
  3. Select your options. 
  4. Click Submit to save your options. 

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