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Employee Onboarding lets new staff provide their legal and administrative information in an easy-to-use online process. By completing a series of forms, the employee provides their tax, super fund and bank information which you then send through to the desktop to create new employee masterfiles. Onboarding also sets up the new employee's Attaché Online account for them to use the Employee Portal.

You can commence onboarding before the employee's start date and you have the option to carry out onboarding for the employee (rather than invite them to do it). This is particularly useful if you have employees who prefer to not use online apps and may be quicker than creating employee masterfiles in your desktop payroll company, especially when adding many new employees at one time.

Note for Australian payroll: Ensure that a default superannuation fund has been selected in the Attaché Online organisation (Settings | Super Fund) before you start onboarding any new employees.

Onboarding new employees

To onboard a new employee:

  1. Log in to Attaché Online and select the required organisation.
  2. Select Employee Onboarding from the menu.
  3. Click Create employee on the right of the screen.   
  4. If a message is displayed advising that you need a default super fund before commencing onboarding, go to Settings | Super Fund to set up default superannuation fund.  
  5. Enter all the required details for the employee.

    You must enter a unique Employee Code for the new employee. If the code is not unique, you will be asked to change it when you review the onboarding information later.

    You can select an Employee Group for the new employee. (Note that you can re-assign the employee to another group at the reviewing stage, if necessary.) 

  6. Make sure the Onboard new employee check box is selected.
  7. You can add attachments to the employee onboarding invitation by clicking on the Attachments Choose File button (see Attaching documents to an Employee Onboarding invitation).

  8. To email an invitation to the new employee to complete the onboarding forms, click Invite the employee. (See Onboarding for new employees).

    Alternatively, to enter the new employee's information yourself, click Onboard the employee and then click Onboarding in the Action column for the employee.

Note: If the employee has not received their invitation, advisthem to go to the Attaché Online login page and click Forgot Your Password. They then enter their Attaché Online email address and click Send Link. An email with a password reset link will be sent to their nominated email address. 

Managing onboarding requests

To view and manage your onboarding requests:

  1. Log in to Attaché Online and select the required organisation.
  2. Select Employee Onboarding from the menu to view all active onboarding requests.

    If an employee has been invited to submit their onboarding details then their status shows as Invited.
    Once the employee submits their onboarding details their status is updated from Invited to Needs Review. 
    If an onboarding employee form is no longer required, you can use the 'Actions' dropdown to 'Mark employee as no longer required.' 

  3. Click Review to display the onboarding information.
  4. To create an employee masterfile (prefilled with the employee's details) and an Employee Super and Other Accounts, click Create employee masterfile.

    Note for Australian payroll: If the employee has nominated a superannuation fund rather than accepting the default super fund then a new fund is also created in Superannuation Funds Maintenance. As well, the employee's TFN details will be available for you to lodge the TFN Declaration with the ATO. See Lodging TFN Declarations for more information.

  5. Ensure that you review the employee's general information, their payroll information (including the hourly rate) and their tax details on the Tax tab in the employee masterfile.

About the Tax File Number declaration in Employee Onboarding (Australia)

After the employee completes Employee Onboarding in Attaché Online, including the TFN declaration, the details flow through to a new masterfile.

In your desktop payroll company, the TFN details will be available for you to complete the TFN declaration and then submit it to the ATO via the ATO Business Portal. See Lodging TFN Declarations.

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