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The easiest way to connect to your Attaché data using ODBC is to create one or more DSNs which contain all of the information required to enable the querying application to retrieve the desired data. 

DSN stands for data source name (or database source name). DSNs are data structures used to describe a connection to a data source. DSN attributes may include, but are not limited to:

  • name of the data source
  • directory of the data source
  • name of a driver which can access the data source
  • user ID for data access (if required)
  • user password for data access (if required) There are two kinds of DSN:
  • Machine DSNs - stored in collective configuration files and/or system resources
  • File DSNs - stored in the file system with one DSN per file Which can be further broken down into:
    • System DSNs - accessible by any and all processes and users of the system, stored in a centralized location
    • User DSNs - accessible only by the user who created the DSN, stored in a user-specific location
    • Attaché ODBC uses machine DSNs and we recommend that you create System (rather than USER) DSNs so as not to limit access to just the user who was logged in to the work station when the DSN was created.

REF: A001296.00  100518  372   18.1  ODBC1042

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