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AlexConnect is the software component of Attaché Document Management (formerly called Attaché Alex). The AlexConnect installer is included in the Attaché executable file and located in the Attaché application location.

AlexConnect does not typically require upgrading for new versions of Attaché. Please check the Attaché release information when you upgrade Attaché to see if an AlexConnect upgrade is required. 

Client/server network: If the computer is not the one on which the Attaché application is installed (for example, it is a workstation computer and not the main Attaché application computer), map a network drive on the workstation computer to the main Attaché application location.

Terminal server access: If you are accessing Attaché via a terminal server, install AlexConnect from the terminal server console.

Applicable version

  • AlexConnect version 4.00.142 (August 2019)

Compatible with;

  • Attaché 19
  • Attaché 18
  • Attaché BI version 3.4 (November 2017) and later

See also Current Attaché releases


Before you begin 

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of Attaché. See Current Attaché releases
  • Take a backup of your Attaché data.
  • Exit Attaché and ensure that no one else is using it.

Installing or upgrading

You should install or upgrade AlexConnect from the Tools menu of your Attaché software. Using this method to install or upgrade AlexConnect ensures you are using the correct version of Alex for your Attaché system.

To install AlexConnect from the Attaché menu:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Attaché.
  2. Choose Tools | Company | AlexConnect | Install/Upgrade AlexConnect.
  3. When the installation runs, choose Yes to proceed. 
  4. Follow the installation instructions. (Note: If you are installing AlexConnect for the first time, choose your Attaché program folder as the Destination Directory. To find out your Attaché program folder choose Help | About Attaché.)  
  5. Repeat these steps at each computer from which you want to send documents. 

Note:  Windows 8 and Windows 10 workstations may require assistance from your system administrator.

Checking the installation was successful

After installing, check the version of AlexConnect. To do so, in Attaché choose Tools | Company | Document Management | Delivery Queue Manager and then click About.

Testing your AlexConnect connection

To test your AlexConnect connection, in Attaché choose Tools | Company | Document Management | Test Connect to Attaché Online. On the Diagnostics tab, enter the Sender details and then click Test Connection.

Setting up a centralised delivery queue (AlexQ) 

The document queue manager (AlexQ) is the part of AlexConnect that manages the sending of documents. When Attaché creates documents, a queue of documents can develop similar to a print queue. 

With the standard configuration, AlexQ manages the documents on each computer where they are created. However, by setting up an centralised queue manager, documents can be handled centrally on one computer. This minimises disruption to normal workflows and allows you to control the flow of documents.

See Setting up a centralised delivery queue (AlexQ)

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