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About this page

This page provides installation guides for previous Attaché releases. For the current installation guides see Attaché Installation and Upgrade Guides

Attaché 19.1 installation guide

Attaché 19.1 Installation and Upgrade Guide.pdf

Attaché 18 installation guide

Attaché 18 Installation and Upgrade Guide.pdf

Previous Attaché BI installation guides 

Attaché BI 3.7 Installation and Upgrade Guide (October 2017) PDF     

Upgrading to Attaché BI 3.7 (November 2017) PDF

Previous Attaché BI ClearView installation guides 

Attaché BI ClearView 4.41 Installation and Upgrade Guide (December 2017) PDF 

Attaché BI ClearView 4.26 Installation Guide (September 2016) PDF (A001522.01)

Previous Attaché BI Fixed Assets installation guides 

Attaché BI Fixed Assets version (November 2017) PDF 

Attaché BI Fixed Assets version 3.5 Installation Guide (October 2016) PDF (A001293.03)

Previous Attaché Server ODBC installation guides

Attaché Server ODBC version (October 2014) PDF (A001296.00)

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