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Attaché Online menu itemDescription and links
Available to all users
My Info

The My Info page shows details about you that are recorded in Attaché Payroll. If necessary, you can change these details, for example if you change your name or want to update your next of kin information. Changes you make will flow through to your records in Attaché Payroll.

To change your details, on the My Info screen click the Edit button and enter your changes. Click Save to save the changes.

Employee Directory

The Employee Directory shows details such as name, work contact details and a photo for each staff member.  

The Employee Directory is set up and managed by your Attaché Online administrator, typically your payroll manager.

Organisation Chart

The Org Chart shows the structure and reporting lines of your organisation. Use the function keys on the screen to view the levels of structure in your company. For example, choose 3 in the Level drop-down to view three levels of your company structure.

The Organisation Chart is set up and managed by your Attaché Online administrator, typically your payroll manager.

Available to administrator users

Organisation Details

This feature lets you change the details, including the name and contact information, for your Attaché Online organisation. 

Super Fund

This feature lets you select the default super fund to be displayed when onboarding new employees.

See Setting up default Super Fund for employee onboarding

System Settings

This feature lets you choose settings such as the date format and time zone for your Attaché Online organisation as well as the way employee names are displayed and which fields you want displayed in the Employee Directory.

Site Logo & Title

This feature lets you add a company logo and change the name of your Attaché Online organisation.

Colour Scheme

This feature lets you customise the colour scheme displayed for your Attaché Online organisation.

Admin Users

This feature lets you give other Attache Online users (your employees) Administrator User status.

See Setting up admin users

Company Connections

The Company Connections page provides the unique Organisation Key that you use to connect your Attaché company (dataset) to your Attaché Online organisation. This connection provides the link through which data flows between the desktop and the online applications.

See Accessing your organisation key in Attaché Online

Standard Business Reporting

This page provides the information you need to establish Attaché Software as your hosted SBR software service provider with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as well as a link to the ATO's Access Manager where you enter this information.

See Setting up Standard Business Reporting


You use this feature to invite employees to join your organisation in Attaché Online

See Inviting employees, Creating non-payroll employees

Employee Onboarding

This feature lets you start the onboarding process for a new employee.

See About Employee Onboarding, Using Employee Onboarding


This feature lets you build the Organisation Chart showing the various departments, managers and team members that your employees can see in the Employee Portal. Create your teams before you invite employees to join the organisation. 

See Managing teams (Org Chart) Setting up teams in your Attaché Online organisation

Single Touch Payroll

You use this feature to manage Single Touch Payroll batch submissions to the ATO.

See Using Single Touch Payroll