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You can use Attaché Bizdocs BizDocs Outbox to track document deliveries for non-payroll documents. If you send both payroll and non-payroll documents, the secure Alex Senders website allows you to track both – see Tracking document deliveries via Alex Senders website for more information. 

Attaché Bizdocs BizDocs Outbox allows you to perform various tasks associated with tracking business documents and managing your sender's account, including:


To link your accounts for billing purposes, complete this during the sender's account registration or contact Attaché for assistance. Alternatively, you can use the Alex sender's site where you can link accounts for billing. 

Attaché BizDocs Outbox

You can track the delivery of every document sent (in the past 42 months) at the secure sender's website. You can choose to view and reprint documents according to when they were sent, to whom they were addressed, their document number, status and other criteria.ASK

To display a list of documents that you have sent from your account

  1. Log into the secure Attaché BizDocs Outbox website. You may need to register if it is the first time logging in.
  2. The browser displays a list of all documents that have sent.
  3. Specify the criteria using the Filter options.
  4. The specified documents are displayed.
  5. Choose to download or print any selected document.

See Using BizDocs Outbox

Tracking documents using exception reports.

Exception reports list undeliverable faxes and unopened emails sent during the selected period – daily, weekly or monthly. Exception reports are emailed automatically to all sender accounts who want them.

New sender accounts automatically receive weekly exception reports (unless you have no undeliverable/unopened documents to report). You can turn off exception reports so that you no longer receive them, choose their frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) and choose to receive them even if there are no undelivered/unopened documents to report.

To change your exception report options:

  1. Log into the Attaché BizDocs Outbox website. You may need to register if it is the first time logging in.
  2. Click on the Exception reports tab. 
  3. Locate the email address that the report is to be sent to.
  4. Choose Change and select your prefer options.
  5. Click Save to save your options.