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Transactions | Suppliers | Credit Adjustment Notes | Post Unallocated Trans
Transactions | Suppliers | Manual Payments | Post Unallocated Trans
Transactions | Suppliers | Adjustments | Post Unallocated Trans

You use Post Unallocated Transactions to match any amounts posted to Unallocated via payments, credit adjustment notes, supplier product returns or adjustments. Simply access this program, select the Unallocated amount to be matched and allocate it to the correct invoice or invoices. You can match the whole amount or only part of the Unallocated amount.

All outstanding Unallocated amounts will be listed at the bottom of the screen. Once the Unallocated transaction has been selected, the invoice allocation screen will display. Match the amount to one or more invoices. Any remaining amount will be left in Unallocated. The amount allocated will be moved from Unallocated to the appropriate ageing category.

Post Unallocated Transactions does not affect the supplier's balance. The aged category balances will adjust according to the invoices that are matched and the amount matched to invoices will be removed from Unallocated.

You can cancel the allocation at any time during the entry. No details will be updated.

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