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About Attaché Archive

Attaché Archive is used to back up and restore your Attaché data from within your Attaché system. Archive can prompt you to create a backup whenever the last user exits a company and you can also run it "on demand". Backups are stored under your Attaché program folder in a separate folder for each company and can be easily restored if necessary. 

Remember that if you accidentally make an incorrect choice when updating, or if for some reason an error appears in your data, there is no quick fix. Restoring the data to a previous archive is the only option. How much work do you want to re-key? To avoid users inappropriately restoring data you can control which users have access to the restore function. 

Note: To prevent the loss of your important data, make sure you store your back up files securely. Attaché Software recommends that after backing up your data with Attaché Archive you copy the file to removable media and store it securely in separate premises.




REF: A001495 060616 3.4, SF 3201