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The following table shows the Attaché Payroll (desktop) fields that are used in Express Leave and Timesheets.

Note: If you are not using Attaché 18 with payroll desktop integration (Data Sync), you can create or update employee details in Express Leave by importing the details from the desktop. See Importing employee details from Attaché Payroll  in Setting up employees in Express Leave and Timesheets.  It is recommended that only the required fields and leave balances are imported.


Attaché Field
Creating New Users
Updating Existing Users
Other Information
EmployeeCodeRequiredRequiredMust be unique per employee.
AOemailRequiredOptional if EmployeeCode provided

Must be unique per employee.

Attaché recommends that employees use their work email address. Express Leave is a business application, if the employee leaves the organisation they will lose access to this application.

LocationOptionalOptionalThis is the Location of the employee as set up in Attaché Payroll.
StateOptionalOptionalIf no value is found, this will default to the company state set up in Express Leave.
HourPerDayOptionalOptionalThe hours per day that the employee normally works and is used to convert leave taken into days for payroll processing in Attaché Payroll.
LeaveAccrueToOptionalOptionalThe date that leave has been accrued to. This is usually the last Pay Period End Date.
SLEntitleHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with SL ProRata
SLProRataHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with SL Entitled
ALEntitleHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with AL ProRata
ALProRataHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with AL Entitled
LSLEntitleHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with LSL ProRata
LSLProRataHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with LSL Entitled
RDOEntitleHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with RDO ProRata
RDOProRataHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with RDO Entitled
STLEntitleHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with STL ProRata
STLProRataHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with STL Entitled
UDL1EntitleHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with U1 ProRata
UDL1ProRataHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with U1 Entitled
UDL2EntitleHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with U2 ProRata
UDL2ProRataHourAccOptionalOptionalAmount is combined with U2 Entitled